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Brand guidelines


Welcome brand builders. Applying our brand guidelines helps to align touchpoint of all kinds. Doing so means creating a more consistent, and ultimately stronger brand experience for our audience.

What's This All About?

Using our brand guidelines will help you align touchpoints of all kinds, leading to more consistent (and consequently stronger) brand experiences. These guidelines are here for anyone who wants to create something new but needs a push in the right direction, or for the professional who needs to know what, how, why, and when we build things.

It's important to create content of all kinds, to practice what we preach. It's not meant to strip away your creativity but rather set some ground rules of how to operate. This way, we'll create a better brand experience for our audience.


This is our main logo. It consists of a custom wordmark.

Neonomics wordmark logo


For optimal contrast with dark backgrounds, the logo can be inverted.

Neonomics logo variations

Safe space

To ensure the logo is treated with respect and keeps its clarity, there are rules set for clear space around the logo. The letter “N” in the Neonomics wordmark is used for a metric for clear space around the logo. This is essential to the “tight” appearance of the layouts.

Illustration of how to use space space for Neonomics logo


The graphic system for Neonomics is based on the symbol N-shape from the logotype. It’s the main character of the identity and represents the shape of the transaction.

Neonomics symbol


The Neonomics symbol “N” is designed for good readability in small sizes and to be easily recognisable.

Neonomics symbol size guidelines


Primary palette

The primary palette for Neonomics is built up of 4 colours which consist of Green, Yellow, Purple & additional Blue. These colours make up the distinct main expression of the brand. Green, Yellow, Purple & additional Blue are used for colour typography and for background colours.

Neonomics Green

RGB 20.50.50
HEX 143232

Neonomics Yellow

RGB 244.248.157

Neonomics Purple

RGB 169.162.249

Neonomics Blue

RGB 144.228.255


Main typeface

Our typeface in use is Roobert Regular, Medium and SemiBold style for Headline and Body typography. It has been chosen for its technical character and friendly appearance.

Roobert Regular
Roobert Medium
Roobert Medium

Secondary typeface (Fallback)

For devices that do not have Roobert typeface available or in cases where Roobert doesn't work, such as Hubspot and other third-party providers, we should use Helvetica as a fallback font.