Neonomics Developer Portal Guide

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the Interconnectivity Solution now!

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  • Sign Up and Log In

  • Go through the easy sign up process, confirm your email and log in to start using the developer portal.

    • 2.

    • Create your application

    • Fill in the name and the description of your application, which will be displayed on the dashboard. At present, you can connect to AISP (Account Information) and PISP (Payment Initiation) services in the sandbox environment. You will be provided with App ID and Secret ID to identify and authorize your application. This is similar to a username (App ID) and password (Secret ID) you would use for a webpage.

    • 3.

    • Use the Dashboard

    • You get access to edit, delete or create new applications from the dashboard. This is also where you can review some key analytics for your applications.

      • 4.

      • Explore the Documentation

      • Check our API documentation to get the essential information about how to integrate and consume the APIs seamlessly. We highly recommend reviewing the section for the API flow, which includes a step-by-step description of how to use the Interconnectivity solution.

      • 5.

      • Test your application

      • You can perform API calls to our mock banks, Hizonti and Justo. This will allow you to experiment with all the functions of the Interconnectivity solution in the safe testing environment.

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