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Initiate payments directly and instantly

Initiate payments, query payment details and status of payments securely on behalf of the end consumer without friction.

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Streamlined account-to-account payments

Neonomics’ Direct Bank Payments allow users to access all of their accounts from various bank account providers on one interface. This provides them with the opportunity to pay directly and instantly from whichever account they choose without having to open up their own bank interface, thereby streamlining the overall customer journey.

Whilst we help facilitate account-to-account payments initiated directly from your user’s accounts, you can offer your customers an excellent alternative to card payments and traditional bank transfers.


Lower cost

We help you lower cost by cutting out interchange fees from debit or credit card payments.


You get much faster payouts in a matter of minutes, instead of days.


Users can feel secure in sharing their payment credentials whilst being protected by their own bank’s security layers.


You can offer another form of payment to end-users, providing a more convenient user-experience.

Account-to-Account Payment Use Case

Neonomics facilitates account-to-account payments, providing a secure “one-click” checkout experience for your end-users, and thereby avoiding the substantial cost incurred when utilizing traditional payment methods such as debit or credit card payments.

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Other use case examples

Parking payment

We use tokens, allowing your users to securely pay for services such as parking without ever having to deliver their personal information outside of their bank account. Customers can click and pay without resorting to credit card payment.


Remittance services being sent to persons outside of the EU can be also supported by the Direct Bank Payments. PSD2 has extended the application of PSD1 rules on transparency to "one-leg transactions", hence covering payment transactions outside the EU.

Rental Services

You can facilitate the creation of deposit accounts and transfer of money using Neonomics’ API, and perform deposit account handling and customer relationship management.

Mobile Invoicing

Direct Bank Payments can facilitate mobile invoicing, allowing customers to pay directly from their bank account and cutting out the layer added by other third-parties.

Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority

Licensed Payment Institution

Neonomics is regulated by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority as an authorized Payment Institution with an extended capacity to provide PIS (Payment Initiation Service) and AIS (Account Information Services).