Streamlining open banking
connectivity via one API

Interconnectivity solution by neonomics enables secure, seamless and instant
inter-bank communication via one API – all in accordance with PSD2 and open banking.

We make any banks’ API comply with the regulations, both affordably and efficiently.


Delivering stable and secure AIS and PIS experience


Account Information API

Access identity data, balance, transaction history and fund coverage. Aggregate multiple bank accounts via one endpoint.

Payment Information API

Initiate payments, query payment details and status of payments securely on behalf of the end consumer without any frictions.

Getting ahead of the competition

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Easy and fast integration

Light on banks’ core IT infrastructure; you can start making API calls in a matter of days.


PSD2 compliance and beyond

Customizable to any other compliance component and security regime.


Secondary revenue streams

Being interconnected with an ever-growing network of banks and FinTechs, you can easily develop or deploy the latest innovations.


Enhancing customer experience

Extend the scope of banking services by utilizing AIS and PIS, thereby adding more value to end-customers and strengthening your brands.

Crafted by developers for developers

We provide comprehensive and easy-to-navigate API documentation for you to enjoy seamless testing, integration and development experience. Get started on exploring the Interconnectivity solution in the neonomics developer portal!

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