Powered by Interconnectivity Solution, we are rapidly growing a network of banks and FinTechs around the globe. neonomics’s marketplace enables banks to easily and securely deploy the latest financial innovations brought by leading solution providers. It also provides a seamless distribution for a wide range of Fintech players and the like to reach thousands of banks via one API.



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KYC Solution

KYC solution provides a multi-tier security level system to accommodate various factors of authentication to perform a proper KYC process.

Any businesses with the need for KYC procedures can drastically reduce onboarding and compliance costs while significantly increasing the efficiency.

Transfer Solution

Transfer Solution is an efficient channel to move value, which contains an instant near-zero-cost currency exchange service built on the blockchain technology.

It facilitates extremely low-cost and secure international transfers.

This could be your solution

Card Issuing Solution

Card Issuing solution is designed to provide real-time access and reporting unlike the traditional batch file processing and issuing model.

It initially supports the Mastercard scheme, while other schemes will be added along.


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We provide an easy-to-use and well-documented SDK, so you can develop and publish your services in our marketplace.

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