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Firi x Neonomics

Our collaboration

Firi is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the Nordics. To enhance their growth and customer experience, they wanted a better deposit solution for customer opening new accounts and topping-up their digital wallets. Neonomics Payments provided a perfect alternative to the cumbersome bank transfers their customers were experiencing.

Now, their customers can initiate a secure account-to-account payment right from Firi’s platform and be investing in just a few hours, rather than having to wait days. Faster payments mean their customers are more able to act fast and not miss market opportunities.

How it works

The customer receives a notification and a link to open the invoice. With just a few clicks, they can either pay or schedule a payment online or directly from their phone.

Step one

Choose bank payment

Choose bank payment from the payment options and select your bank from the menu.

Step two

Select the account

Grant access with BankID, view your accounts and balances, and choose the account to use.

Step three

Authorise and pay

Enter the amount to transfer and authorise the transfer with BankID.

Phone displaying the Firi app and account selection

Say 'byeee' to manual bank transfers, and 'hello' to account-to-account payments!

An embedded deposit solution customers love

Faster resolution

Enable customers to see their account balances and initiate transfers right from your website or mobile app, keeping them onsite and engaged.

Better UI/UX

A streamlined user interface eliminates the need to enter card or account information manually reducing potential errors. Great for mobile applications.

Safe and secure

The entire process happens through the customers own bank security layers. No intermediaries, no sharing of credentials.

Hear from the client

"Neonomics was chosen due to their effectiveness and the simplicity of their solutions. As a cryptocurrency exchange, we needed the solutions to allow us to integrate the data deeply into our platform – I’m happy to report that the result means less friction, sustained top-level security, and faster deposits!"

Thuc Hoang, CEO, Firi

Why A2A is a better way to pay


Increase your conversion rate with an optimized and embedded payment flow.

Low friction

Less friction reduces your drop off rate and helps you build brand loyalty.

Reduced risk

Payment verification and data features help you operate with less risk.

 Firi app with transfer window open

Simple, seamless and secure

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