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Worldline has expanded its account-to-account payments and data aggregation coverage to the Nordics, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland through Neonomics. Both parties recognize that high-quality connectivity is important to realize the full potential of open banking for businesses and users. Neonomics unified open banking API provides Worldline a robust and stable service that is 100% PSD2-compliant with the highest level of bank connectivity in the Nordics.

Worldline’s open banking portfolio enables many use cases, such as credit insight, account-based payments and green banking, allowing third-party providers to quickly and effectively create a value proposition for their customers. Through partnership with Neonomics, Worldline has been able to shorten the time to market to bring aggregated financial data and account-to-account payments to their network of merchants, banks, and acquirers across the entire Nordic region.

Approximately 20% of e-commerce transactions in the Nordics are now powered by open banking. Worldline's strong position as a payments technology provider to many industry-leading companies will further spur adoption and innovation of open banking products and solutions throughout the Nordics.

Why Worldline chose us

Flexible and built to scale

Neonomics API can be integrated across a variety of platforms, products, and solutions to deliver consistent and reliable account data and payment initiation services in multiple markets.

Secure and reliable

Our API is 100% PSD2 compliant and operates within strict laws governing bank interfaces to ensure that it is future-proof and will always be supported by the banks, unlike APIs that use screen scraping.

Broad coverage

Our growing open banking network connects thousands of consumer banks and account types across Europe, and provides the highest coverage in the Nordics via one unified API connection.
Hear from the client

"We are excited to partner with Neonomics, as they have one of the most robust unified bank API platforms, with a technical set-up that supports our need to work with partners that can offer highly secure services in both today's and tomorrow's regulatory environment. By working together, we can make open banking an even more pan-European offering that helps to streamline payments and enables access to banking account data.”

Michael Steinbach
Head of Global Business Line Financial Services at Worldline

Harness the power of open banking payments

If you are a licensed AIS/PIS provider, you can take advantage of open banking through our extensive and robust unified API.

Payment Initiation

Enable direct bank payments in your app or website via our payments API

Account data

Integrate reliable financial data into your products via our account data API

Not a licensed provider?

No problem. We have payment and account data solutions for you too!
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Neonomics AS is licensed as a Payment Institution (PI), Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) and Account Information Service Provider (AISP), issued by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) passported across the EU.