10 Nordic Fintechs to watch in 2022

July 13, 2022
3 minutes

In their recent article, Nordic Fintech Magazine, draws attention to how the Nordic fintech community despite, or maybe even because of, the Covid-19 pandemic, has continued to grow and thrive. To illustrate this, they have identified 10 TOP NORDIC FINTECHS, Neonomics included, that are leading the way in innovation. The following is an excerpt from that article:

The Nordics have a history of digitally-savvy citizens and companies who are willing and able to pick up new technology.  

The pandemic forced the entire world to do more online and move parts of life into the digital realm that was once done mostly offline; for example shopping, banking and working. Suddenly, the demand for digital solutions to traditional financial problems was more pressing.

Nordic fintech took advantage of the challenges and turned the pandemic into an opportunity for change and to make things better faster.

With the Nordic history of trusting in the governments and institutions and trusting each other, the Nordic fintech space has blossomed into a global success story. Of course, there are challenges but in general, this small region of the world lives up to its reputation for innovating for a better world focusing on its citizens and the environment.

In this piece we have chosen to highlight ten remarkable fintechs from the five Nordic countries who have not only survived the pandemic but have shown that it is possible to thrive even through hard times as long as we help each other and support a bigger common goal: a better future for all.

  1. Lucinity – Solving FinCrime with Human AI
  2. Autenteq – Omnichannel ID verification
  3. Firi – A Nordic crypto exchange
  4. Neonomics – One API to connect them all
  5. Invesdor – Europe’s crowd investment platform
  6. Enfuce – Issue cards in no time
  7. Ark Kapital – Empowering future successes
  8. Dreams – Emotion powered neobanking
  9. Risika – Predict paying customers
  10. Subaio – Subscription management

Here, at Neonomics, we are proud to be a part of this solutions-driven community and legacy of delivering innovative, thoughtful, and well-made products here in the Nordics. To learn more about open banking and how we are building better payment solutions, visit us at Neonomics.io.

To read the full article, including overviews of each company, see Despite, or maybe because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Nordic fintech community is growing, innovating and making headlines.

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