Design Sprint – from problem to solution in one week

September 14, 2022
3 minutes
Images showing essentials to the design sprint: postits, coffee and snacks
Design sprint essentials: post-its, coffee and snacks

The goal was to build and test a realistic prototype from scratch in 5 days, using design thinking, business strategy, and consumer behaviour. Sounds challenging right? That’s the point! The design sprint was hosted by our very own UX/UI design team, and consisted of our UX/UI design team, product team, and commercial team, splitting into two teams to build two different open banking-based e-commerce solutions.

This was our first design sprint at Neonomics, but definitely not our last. It was so fun and inspiring to create and test a product in a matter of 5 days, and we feel so much more confident going forward with our ideas when we have validated them with actual users. No more assuming, we know that this works. So fun!”
– Vivian Llarena, Head of Design.

⏱️ What we did – the Design Sprint basics

Monday – Map the challenge and create a long-term goal

Tuesday – Inspiration, sketching and reviewing your ideas

Wednesday – Critique and decide on a solution. Storyboard a prototype

Thursday – Create a prototype

Friday – Test the prototype, conduct interviews and gather feedback on your prototype

Neonomics employees sitting in the design sprint room, covered with postit's
The Design Sprint Cave

💡What we learned

  • Focus on the users – at each stage, keep going back to the customer and end-users and what’s best for them.
  • Innovation doesn’t come from the comfort zone, and working across teams helped – this wasn’t a one team exercise. We had team members across the UX/UI design, product, and commercial in each group, which offered different perspectives and skills to find solutions.
  • Not all problems can be solved in a single work week – you’d be surprised just how much you can do in a week, but you can’t do it all. In the end, the prototype we built was still just that, a prototype that needed further exploration.
  • Have fun and enjoy snacks! – The design sprint week was extremely intense (in the best way possible), so have fun with it, stock up on snacks and you’ll be surprised just how much you can do in a week!

Learn more about the Design Sprint process here 👉  

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