Key Takeaways from Nordic Fintech Week 2022

October 5, 2022
2 minutes

Image from Thomas Krogh Jensen

Nordic Fintech Week...  One thing’s for sure, the Nordic fintech is incredible!

Here’s our quick roundup for those who missed the event.

Hot topics

  • PSD3 - There was a general talk on PSD3 - when will it happen and what could possibly be included. Although nothing yet confirmed, you can read our thoughts and predictions about it on our blog post all about PSD3 here.  
  • Embedded Finance - As expected, embedded finance was a hot topic at this event. We saw this at Money20/20 earlier this year too, so this was no surprise. A clear expansion from open banking, embedded finance is where it's at. For more information on embedded finance, catch up with our blog post here.  
  • KYC and AML – these were also hot topics so naturally we also saw many companies representing in this area.

Key Takeaway

The interest in fintech is still scaling, but not without its challenges. There’s been a shift in the industry following the requirements and expectations from investors, which has led to a decrease in scaling and a higher focus on profitability. We do however see that this space has really matured, and there’s a much greater sense of collaboration between new and smaller fintechs and traditional financial institutions, and also going beyond just the financial segment.  

This has left the fintech industry is looking to find new ways to build, collaborate, and innovate in order to stay competitive. It’s definitely going to be some interesting times ahead!

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