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Let's get into biometrics
Frankie Elmquist
3 minutes

Quick summary

  • Introduction of biometrics with BankID in Norway and Sweden
  • What is biometric login?
  • How do users benefit?
  • How to enable it

Making direct bank payments just got smoother with biometric login in BankID (Norway and Sweden) and your online banking app!  

When you make a direct bank payment online, you use a process called Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) to approve a connection to your bank and to authorize a payment. Typically, this involves using either BankID or your bank’s authorization application, where you authenticate using a password or a numeric code.

Now, that process is even faster, easier and more secure when you use biometric login in Norway!  

BankID is used by over 95 banks in Norway. You can find the full list here: Banks using BankID. Only customers of Nordea and SpareBank 1 will continue to use their bank's own apps when authenticating.

What is biometric login? Biometric login uses face and fingerprint recognition to verify that you are, in fact, you. The benefit of biometrics beyond just making it faster and easier to authenticate is that it is also safer because it eliminates the need to use a password. This makes it significantly more secure against phishing attempts as you are unique and extremely difficult to replicate.

To enable biometric login and the even smoother payment experience that comes with it, use the following steps:

  • Confirm that your bank has enabled biometric login (list above)
  • Confirm that your device is using operating system iOS 14/Android 7 or later
  • Enable face recognition/fingerprint on your device if you have not done so already
  • Download the BankID app for iOS or Android

Now, you’re ready for smooth ride, kos deres!  💜

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