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For Axactor, effective debt collection is all about people, building trust and finding good solutions that take care of both parties. Some of the most common problems they see in the industry today, are that consumers do not receive invoices on their preferred channel and that issuers often do not offer good or user-friendly payment methods.

As a technology-driven credit management platform, Axactor was looking for an innovative and cost-effective way to simplify how consumers could pay and manage their debt. Using Neonomics Payments, Axactor became the first in the debt collection industry to implement and offer secure and cost-efficient account-to-account payments for their customers and consumers. The solution is now integrated into their online and mobile platforms and can be embedded directly in their customers’ invoices.

Neonomics Payments not only offers consumers with the flexibility to pay straight away or to schedule a payment on a different date, but also a focus on the ease of the experience as a key factor in payment’s success. Working closely with Neonomics’ Design and Customer Success teams, Axactor was able to implement a streamlined user interface that out-performs all its other payment options in both cost and conversion. By delivering an easy payment method that is also efficient for end-users, it’s no wonder that Axactor has become one of the top 10 credit management providers in Europe.

How it works

The customer receives a notification and a link to open the invoice. With just a few clicks, they can either pay or schedule a payment online or directly from their phone.

Click the link

The customer receives a SMS or email with a link to pay their invoice.

Choose bank payment

The customer chooses "Directly from your bank" from the payment options.

Authorize and pay

The customer selects their bank, the account to use, and authorises the payment.

A simple and secure payment solution users love

Faster resolution

Increase your conversion rate with an embedded payment option that enables users to see their bank account balances and pay or scheduled payment right away.

Simple, effective and secure

The streamlined payment flow reduces the need for manual entry making it faster and easier for users to pay. The entire payment process happens directly through the users own bank and security systems, no middlemen.
Hear from the client

Account-to-account payment is the future, with a lot of benefits, for both us and our end-user. For Axactor, we get the data we need to be efficient, and reduced transaction times at a lower cost. For the debtor, the solution is intuitive, user-friendly and easy to use.

Photo of Jonas Lisgård, CEO of Spense
Arnt André Dullum
CEO of Axactor

Why A2A is a better
way to pay

Effective & low friction

Significantly reduce transaction fees associated with credit and debit card payments and eliminate interchange fees altogether.

Reduced risk

Reduce payment settlement times from days to just hours and improve liquidity and predictability for your customers.

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