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Digipost x Neonomics

Our collaboration

Digipost, Norway’s largest digital mailbox provider was looking for a payment solution that would make it faster and easier for their customers to pay without having to leave their mailbox. However, with over 450 banks in the Nordics, having to maintain multiple bank payment agreements makes it untenable for digital invoice providers. Neonomics Payments offered a solution – comprehensive bank connectivity throughout the Nordics through one unified API and easy-to-use account-to-account payments.

Now, Digipost’s 2,7 million users have access to direct account-to-account payments embedded in their invoices. One connection, one provider, and one service with secure access to all the banks.

How it works

Using Neonomics, Digipost users can connect their bank account and make a secure account-to-account payment quickly and easily on any Digipost platform, including the mobile app. No card or account number entry is needed, and the entire payment process takes place through the banks own security systems, providing end-to-end safety for the customer.

Step one

Receive a notification

The customer receives an email and push notification that they have an invoice.

Step two

Choose bank payment

The user logs in to Digipost and chooses ‘bank payment’ from the options.

Step three

Authorise and pay

The user selects their bank, the account to use, and authorises the payment.

Phone displaying invoice payment in Digipost app

Ten thousand businesses use Digipost to safely send invoices and sensitive information to their customers.

A secure and easy e-invoicing solution customers love

Quick and secure delivery

Sending invoices digitally through Digipost, businesses can be sure that the invoice is delivered quickly and to the right recipient, while saving on traditional postage costs.

Better UI/UX

Smart messaging ensures that invoices are received, not forgotten, and acted upon in a timely manner.

Faster solution

Embedded A2A payment functionality makes it easy for users to pay invoices right from their Digipost mailbox without having to open any other payment or bank apps.provider, and one service with secure access to all the banks.

Hear from the client

"This is a big win for both consumers and our customers, the organisations that send invoices, who stand to benefit greatly from having such effective means to send an receive payments."

Thomas Mathisen, CEO, Digipost

Why A2A is a better way to pay

Improve effectiveness

Increase your conversion rate and customer loyalty with a streamlined payment flow that makes it easy to pay.

Lower transaction costs

Significantly reduce transaction fees, up to 80% compared to card-based payments, and eliminate interchange fees all together.

Increase liquidity

Improve your cash flow and predictability with faster settlement.

Visual showing the Digipost app

With Neonomics Payments, Digipost is seeing conversion rates of +85% on average.

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