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Link Mobility x Neonomics

Our collaboration

Link Mobility’s (LINK) Mobile Invoice product provides businesses with a cost-efficient way to distribute and process payments through SMS but entering card or bank account numbers to pay an invoice on the fly is neither easy nor convenient for customers. To make the process smoother, LINK enabled account-to-account payments (A2A) using Neonomics Payments.

A big advantage was the scheduled payments feature which allows the user to decide when to pay the invoice. This reduces their risk of forgetting to pay the invoice or paying it late. The benefit of giving users more choice was clear for Link Mobility, and they expect more and more of their enterprise customers to use A2A payments as they see first-hand how it increases their success rate and lowers their costs.

How it works

With Mobile Invoice, the customer receives an SMS alert that they have an invoice. With just a few clicks, they can schedule a payment directly from their phone – no hassle, no wait.

Step one

Click link in SMS

The customer receives a text message with a link to pay their invoice.

Step two

Choose bank payment

The customer chooses 'pay directly from bank' and their bank.

Step three

Authorise and pay

The customer selects account to use and authorises the payment.

A phone displaying parts of the Link Mobility website

The most secure and user-friendly way to pay.

An all-in-one invoicing solution customers love

Better UI/UX

A streamlined user experience that reduces many of the common payment errors

Faster and easier

Customers can pay right away or easily schedule a payment.

Safe and secure

The entire process happens through the customers bank – no card or account entry, no middlemen.

Hear from the client

"We believe open banking is evolving the way consumers interact with financial services and with our strong collaboration with Neonomics, we are giving our customers a more cost-efficient means to manage how their customers pay bills and invoices."

Jan Tore Kjær, Sales & Marketing Director, Link Mobility AS

Why A2A is a better way to pay

Improve effectiveness

Increase your conversion rate and customer loyalty with a streamlined payment flow that makes it easy to pay.

Lower transaction costs

Significantly reduce transaction fees, up to 80% compared to card-based payments, and eliminate interchange fees all together.

Increase liquidity

Improve your cash flow and predictability with faster settlement.

Phone displaying the Neonomics payment option in the Link Mobility flow

Higher conversion, yet cost-efficient

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