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Spense provides a unique payment platform geared specifically for the automobile industry in Norway. Their mission is to create a better experience for consumers when buying and paying for cars and car services and enable customers to achieve significant administrative savings. They got their start in 2020 in Oslo and now provide payments for Porshe, Cupra, Skoda, Mekonomen, Frydenbø, Helios and Incadea to name just a few.

Spense identified that standard billing and payment practices were causing multiple friction points in industry for the dealers, service shops and their customers. They realized that this could be resolved by bringing together payment methods that are already loved by customers into one coherent solution.

The ease of being able to make a direct account-to-account payment right from their bank without having to leave their application made open banking a natural fit for their solution, their customers, and consumers.

As a company, Spense is very proactive – once they have their eyes on a solution, the race is on to implement it as quickly as possible. After signing with Neonomics, they were up and running with a live demo of their new ‘Pay from account’ solution for Porsche in just a week. 🏁

How it works

Once an order is ready for payment, the order is sent to Spense via an integration with their client’s DMS or via their stand-alone portal Spense GO. Spense produces a payment request and sends the customer SMS or email.

Click the link

Customers click the link in the SMS or email to open and review the invoice and payment options.

Choose bank payment

They choose ‘pay from account’ to make a secure payment directly from their bank account right in the app or website using Neonomics Payment Initiation service.

Authorize and pay

They connect to their bank, select the account they wish to use, and then authorize the payment using Bank ID or their bank’s authentication app.
When the payment is complete, the customer can see where the vehicle can be collected and a detailed receipt, while the dealer or service provider receives instant confirmation that payment has been made.
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A direct payment solution
customers love


An embedded payment solution that enables the user to see their bank accounts and pay right away without having to leave the app.


The streamlined payment flow reduces the need for manual entry making it faster and easier for users to pay. Unlike card payments there is no credit limit, expiration date or fees above a certain amount.
Hear from the client

Neonomics is a great fit for what we’re doing at Spense, as we both focus on providing great customer journeys and user experiences. Our integration lets end-users pay right from their bank without even having to leave their web browser, and in addition we’ve seen significant administrative savings connected to payments made through Neonomics. It’s a fantastic partnership and we’re excited to develop our customer journey further using open banking.

Photo of Jonas Lisgård, CEO of Spense
Jonas Lisgård
CEO of Spense

Why A2A is a better
way to pay

Cost efficient

Near instant processing, real time status updates, and daily settlement during the business week at a fraction of the cost, and wait time, of traditional payment methods.


A2A payments provide near-instant settlement increase liquidity, reduce payment follow up, and provide dealers and workshop owners' peace of mind to release the vehicle.

Benefiting from open banking

Automotive Workshops

A2A payments are easy to integrate into SMS notifications and invoices providing a fast and convenient way for customers to pay. Real-time payment status webhook can be integrated into automated key release and vehicle pick up systems.

Car Dealers

Spense’s A2A payment integration provides dealers and consumers with a secure and efficient payment method that is well-suited for large-scale payments with real-time payment status to ensure the speedy release of the vehicle to its new owner.
Hear from their client

Customers today desire user-friendly solutions, and Spense provides just that. In the past, customers were required to pay using credit cards or invoices. Now they can conveniently make payments from the comfort of their homes using their preferred payment method, and simply pick up the key from me afterwards. Our cash flow has improved significantly, transitioning from good to even better. Since implementing Spense, our accounts receivable has been reduced to nearly zero. As a result, we now function as a workshop, rather than a bank!

Photo of Jonas Lisgård, CEO of Spense
Glenn Johannesen
General Manager, Utvik Autoservice
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Neonomics AS is licensed as a Payment Institution (PI), Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) and Account Information Service Provider (AISP), issued by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) passported across the EU.
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