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What is our open banking Checkout, and how does it work? We've released our latest product paper for you 🚀

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Say goodbye to high costs and hello to an experience-first payment solution powered by Neonomics’ Open Banking platform.

We all know that customer expectations are continuously rising - meeting them can make all
the difference to a business’s success. The global drive of alternative and digital payments – with Open Banking being one of the fastest-growing alternative payment methods – can transform
how your business delivers products and services
to customers by providing a much better customer experience at a lower cost.

We’ve even seen Apple, among other big players, enter the open banking space, and businesses that embrace it early will benefit the most. Open Banking and embedded finance will allow companies to add new revenue streams and take their offerings beyond what was previously possible.

In this paper, we’re giving you a detailed overview of  our Open Banking powered Checkout – a Checkout that puts you and your customers at the forefront of the payment experience. We’ve built Neonomics Checkout to deliver a secure and highly seamless customer experience while lowering your costs through the power of Open Banking.

Now, Open Banking is for everyone!

See how Checkout can benefit your business.
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