Get to know R&D: the team behind building open banking 2.0

September 16, 2022
3 minutes

Hi Geir! Thanks for joining us today. Could you give an overview of the R&D teams at Neonomics?

We have seen very strong growth in the last year, onboarding several very large customers and even more fintechs. With that commercial growth we have had to enhance our technical development as well to better meet the needs of our customers in many different markets. This year, we have recently enhanced our technical team to better meet the needs of our customers.

As a start-up scaling up, we have developed core teams that work dynamically across our product offerings to maximize what we can offer to our customers and end-users.

The teams we have now are:

  • UAPI Team– Responsible for the Unified API for our Payment Initiation Service (PIS) and Account Information Service (AIS) for all banks we support across Europe
  • Developer/Client Experience Team– Responsible for delivering solutions to make it easier to use our products, both internally and externally
  • Data Services – Responsible for storing, anonymizing, analyzing, monetizing, and reporting of our data both internally and externally
  • Value Added Services – Responsible for building additional layers of offerings on top of our platform
  • Payments Team– Responsible for building payment solutions on top of our API. One example is our Checkout solution with several new products soon to be released
  • Support Responsible – Providing expert domain knowledge for all the other teams across key areas
  • Architecture – Responsible for our platform vision and shall assist the teams with architecture and design
  • Quality Assurance – Responsible for our test strategy and shall assist the teams with testing and test automation
  • Tech Writing – Responsible for the quality of our documentation

Can you share 3 things fun facts we might not know about the R&D team?

  1. In our R&D team alone we have people from 12 different nationalities
  2. Most of our employees from other countries, have moved to Norway to join Neonomics
  3. With 38 teammates in the R&D department, we are the largest department in the company. In R&D our female colleagues represent 11% of our department  team, while the equivalent in the company overall is 40%.  With 38 in the R&D team, we are the biggest department in Neonomics, and that being said we are looking for candidates for our open positions, especially strong female candidates.

So, which R&D roles is Neonomics currently hiring for?

We have a mix of exciting roles currently available and coming soon. Overall we are looking for:

  • Architects
  • Tech lead
  • Fullstack/backend/frontend developers
  • Devops engineers
  • Test automation engineers
  • Data engineers

Could you give us an insight into what 2022 will look like for the Neonomics R&D team?

2022 will be a very interesting year where we ramp up building own products on top of our unified API. The fintech and open banking market is growing tremendously, and we will have a lot of interesting challenges in front of us and we need skilled people to help us solve these challenges.

Lastly, give the reader 3 reasons why someone should join R&D at Neonomics!

  1. Be part of a team where you can grow and thrive, building world class solutions that will change how we pay for services and goods in a fast-growing and exciting industry. All whilst still having a high level of autonomy
  2. We work with a modern tech stack building microservices using Docker, Kubernetes and Kafka
  3. We have a great company culture built by the great people in our company. We work hard, however we take pride in the fun that we have together, we get stuff done and then get down, just come see what we do almost every Friday afternoon and evening!

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