How Neonomics makes your API integration so much easier

September 14, 2022
5 minutes

So you want a fast, reliable payment service in your app? When potential customers are looking for different API vendors for payment initiation services, their requirements often include simplicity, efficiency and stability. Therefore, we have made our documentation easily accessible and our integration time is swift.

By keeping our integration time short, we are able to facilitate a faster go-to-market for you, saving you valuable time in order to stay competitive. With this article, I would like to put your mind at ease by clearly outlining how we are making your future open banking API integrations easier.

My name is Madeleine Josefine and I work as a project coordinator for Neonomics, with the responsibility of helping our customers through their open banking integration projects. Neonomics is an open banking and PSD2 API aggregator offering a unified API that connects you to different bank accounts across Europe. We are a licensed Payment Institution, and also hold a license covering PSD2 service, with our services being used by clients across Northern Europe. Now is a really exciting time to be in open banking!

Only integrate with one open banking API

Before getting the license, we spent the time building sandbox connections to the bank’s PSD2 APIs to deploy them afterward. However, when getting to deployment, it seemed like sandboxes relative to the live environment had significant discrepancies. Our development team has worked hard to eliminate these. They built an API that connects all the banks, resulting in customers only having to communicate with one unified API and avoiding the struggle of having all the complicated connections themselves. The above limits valuable integration and maintenance time for our customers, in turn allowing you to spend our time on creating great user experiences and lean payment flows.

Clear and simple documentation

When it comes to implementing our unified API, here are two things that I firmly believe will help you limit your integration time (and thus, time to market):

  • Our API is easy-to-implement as we have simple and clear documentation that your developers will understand.
  • Our implementation project is tailored to your other projects and priorities.

We have worked hard to make our developer documentation precise in order to clearly instruct your developers on how they can integrate and test our solution. It allows you to test our platform before having to enter into an agreement, as well as provide you a sandbox (a safe environment for you to integrate with our API before involving your customers).

You are welcome to check out the Neonomics documentation here

Step by step onboarding process – tailor integration around your priorities

We acknowledge that our customers are busy with other projects in parallel during integration, whilst also maintaining business as usual. Therefore, we developed a supplier onboarding process that can be tailored to the customer and is both flexible and easy-to-follow around your other projects.

After signing an agreement with Neonomics, our onboarding process consists of three milestones before going live: integration (M1), live testing (M3), and go live (M3) (see above). Depending on where your time is allocated, you can go live in as little as four weeks:

  • M1 – Complete integration: Our integration period can take as little as one week, depending on the experience of your developers. We have a dedicated support department that will help you along the way.
  • M2 – Live testing: Once you complete integration, we will have a readiness assessment. The main purpose of this is to do certain tech and compliance checks for the sake of security and to ensure we comply with the Neonomics Payment Institution Licence and GDPR. Once we have given you your credentials to perform live testing, you can start live testing of use cases with some pilot testers.
  • M3 – Go live: Congrats! You can now go live with our unified API! Sign up to our portal today.

Final thoughts

Neonomics offers a unified API that will provide you with open banking access to all banks across Europe. Our efficient integration process ensures you a quick go-to-market strategy. If you would like to know more about how Neonomics can transform your payments through open banking, or about the integration process, please feel free to contact us or check out our website. You can also sign up to our developer portal and start testing with your application.

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