Meet Oscar, Chief of Product & Business at Neonomics

September 16, 2022
2 minutes

Hi Oscar! Great to have you on board! Could you give us an overview of what you’ve done until now?

Hi! It’s great to join the team. Over the last 4,5 years I was the product lead in DNB, where I was responsible for the digital channels in the retail banking segment. One example of what I was responsible for was the new Mobile Bank that had been developed from scratch on the new cloud platform, carving a new way of working with a new team for DNB. I have been working in product development within telco, payments and banking since 2013, so quite some time. I’m pretty enthusiastic about creating a world class customer experience!

Interesting! and what made you move towards the open banking segment?

I believe the adoption of open banking is just getting started and that there is a lot of unexplored opportunities. There are endless possibilities with what’s already available today, and there is a clear trend that there will be more and more possibilities going forward. I’m looking forward to explain, explore and build products on the opportunities we see together with our customers, the rest of the Neonomics team and partners to create a leading open banking platform that our customers and their customers will love.

What does 2022 look like for Neonomics and open banking?

We will see a lot more products built on top of what we already see today. I believe one of the reasons for open banking not being widely adopted yet is that we have so many possibilities that it’s almost hard to grasp. We need to package the possibilities into clear products. Both on the open data part and with account-to-account payments, we will see greater adoption and new and exiting use cases in 2022. I believe in a strong end-user focus where quality and user experience is the key to our success. Looking forward to it!

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