Neonomics x Kredinor

July 12, 2022
3 minutes

Commenting on the partnership, Klaus Anders Nysteen, CEO of Kredinor says:

“At Kredinor, customers and their needs are our most important priority. We at Kredinor know the debt collection craft, but that alone is not enough. That’s why we need partners like Neonomics, who can develop innovative solutions that deliver on our customer needs before they themselves know they need it. Simplification around payments is one of the most important things we can prioritize, and Neonomics is known for having one of the strongest and most robust API platforms for banks in the Nordics.”

Account to account payments are strongly positioned to be the preferred payment option when it comes to debt collections, by providing simplification with fewer payment steps, and greater security through BankID. By merging account to account payments with transaction data, Kredinor will be able to more readily monitor and strengthen the way it manages end user engagement enabling the development of tailor-made services to its growing customer base.

Christoffer Andvig, CEO of Neonomics added:

“We are proud to work closely with Kredinor to make account to account payments the de-facto choice in the debt collections space. By creating much more efficient payments both in respect to cost and user experience we remove some of the unnecessary friction, enabling more streamlined and effective customer interactions for Kredinor and their customers. By embedding financial services, we create dynamic ways of enhancing customer experiences at a fraction of the cost, which is a win for customers and users alike.”

About Kredinor

Kredinor is one of Norway’s largest debt collection companies with a history dating back to 1905. The company offers solutions within debt collection, invoicing and portfolio purchases. Kredinor has approximately 981 million in annual turnover and 400 employees. During 2022, Kredinor will merge with the debt collection company Modhi. The new company will be called Kredinor and have about 600 employees, most of whom work in Norway, but with growth ambitions in Sweden and Finland. Kredinor AS will be owned by Kredinorstiftelsen and SpareBank 1 Gruppen with equal ownership interests.

About Neonomics

Neonomics is an open banking disruptor unifying access to over 2500 banks and 150 million bank customers across Europe via one of the most secure and cost-efficient pure PSD2 API platforms in the market. Founded and headquartered in Oslo, Norway in 2017, the company currently has a growing highly technical team representing 25 different nationalities with close to 40% being female. Authorized by the Norwegian FSA as a licensed payment institution the company is delivering payments initiation and account information services to a wide range of customers spanning FinTechs, payment service providers, banks and more.

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Neonomics AS is licensed as a Payment Institution (PI), Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) and Account Information Service Provider (AISP), issued by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) passported across the EU.