Nordic Fintech Week 2023

Sarah Elise Thue
October 3, 2023
3 minutes

Hej Denmark! 🇩🇰

Nordic Fintech Week has officially wrapped up – and what an incredible time it was spotlighting the pulse of fintech evolution across the Nordics! Spanning two insightful days, our team flew to Copenhagen to present Neonomics and were immersed in the latest fintech trends, engineering breakthroughs and market insights for 2024 and beyond.

Our very own CEO, Christoffer Andvig, shared the stage with Spense’s Founder, Jonas Lisgård, to discuss the transformative role of open banking in reshaping payments in the automotive industry. Together, they illuminated how open banking is playing a key role for leading automotive giants such as Porsche, Skoda and Cupra, and how they are already harnessing open banking to facilitate consumer payments for vehicles and related services! 🚀 If you want to learn more, feel free to reach out to us and say hello!

Engaging with industry peers, partners, and our valued customers was both enlightening and constructive. We're eager to see what next year's event will bring! Thanks to the Nordic Fintech team for yet another fantastic event and we look forward to seeing you all again next year! 👋

🎥 See a recap from Nordic Fintech Week here 🎥

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News & Press

Neonomics selected by Lowell to roll-out account-to-account payments across the Nordics

Read the latest press release here
February 6, 2024
4 minutes
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