The road to success for Open Banking

Webinar with Neonomics and Worldline - hosted by FF News Virtual Arena.
2 min

Quick summary

In this webinar, Neonomics and Worldline dive deeper into their partnership, focusing on open banking offerings across Europe and using technical policies as a baseline for collaboration. Together, they are building a foundation of more efficient payment infrastructures that is facilitating the drive that we are seeing today – to a more efficient way to deliver financial services.

Open banking has revolutionised the financial industry by driving unprecedented efficiency and innovation. What is being built today will serve as the foundation for the financial services that we may take for granted tomorrow.

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  • What are the challenges in open banking in order to make it a success, and how can we solve these challenges?
  • How does competition create better services?
  • Payments have been dominated by cards for decades, so what are the benefits of open banking?
  • How can open banking benefit the banks?
  • How are personalised financial services becoming more possible with open banking?
  • How are the possibilities endless when banks integrate non-financial parts and generate new revenue?
  • Security and fraud are on the rise; can open banking prevent identity theft?
  • User experience and fraud: SCA - friction in payment but in a good way?
  • Where do the strongest open banking payment use cases lie for the next year?
  • What changes are necessary in order for open banking to thrive everywhere else?

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