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Speakers from Neonomics, DNB, Elkjøp and more. Catch up with the 3 events now.
2 minutes

Quick summary

- Payments and what it does for the customer experience

- What’s next for open banking

- How the banking landscape is changing by 2030

Episode 1 📢 What's next for open banking?

Kicking off our digital event with our Chief of Product & Business, Oscar Nordström talking about what’s yet to come in open banking 🚀Answering key questions, such as:
- What’s open banking and why should you care?
- Open banking - the next generation of cards
- The UK - an open banking leaderHow open banking helps deliver a frictionless consumer experience.

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Episode 2 📢  How can payments help businesses provide a seamless customer experience?  

Panel with Daro Navaratnam (Dintero), Terje Larsen (Elkjøp), Ado Fazlic (Neonomics), Zbigniew Szulc (Neonomics). Learn how payments impacts the customer journey from various payment experts, and how important it is to offer a frictionless experience.

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Episode 3 📢  How will banks change by 2030?

Hear it all and more from Kristina Daae Smedsvig (DNB), David Goodwin (Lunar), Tor Lindgren (Banqsoft), Seweryn Bak (Comarch).With experts from the banking industry, including one of the biggest banks in Norway and challenger bank Lunar, we discussed how the banking industry is changing over the next few years to address key issues we face today👇

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