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Integrating real-time data into your products

Access identity data, balance, transaction history and fund coverage. Aggregate multiple bank accounts via one endpoint.

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Account aggregation and data access designed to build powerful applications

Aggregate multiple bank accounts via one endpoint: the end-users can take advantage of a consolidated overview of their financial life. In turn, banks and FinTechs can access identity data, balance, transaction history and fund coverage to offer tailor-made services and a frictionless user experience.

We provide data that is full-range, in real-time, and extracted through pure API technology unreliant on screen scraping or reverse engineering.



We provide real-time access to transaction, balance, and identity data.


Our progressive technology can be readily expanded to suit your requirements.


Regardless of the source, the data we gather is unified in order to be consistent to end-users.


We use tokens rather than credentials to ensure the secure transfer of data.


Our REST API can be used across a variety of platforms, from websites and mobile apps to online banking.

Personal Financial Management

Aggregating data from various accounts gives you comprehensive insight into your customer’s financial journey, allowing you to provide them with improved services and assist them in managing their income and expenditure, thereby boosting customer satisfaction and retention.

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Credit scoring

Our product provides full-range access to bank account data upon the customer’s consent, including all relevant financial information used to access credit scores such as income, current mortgage, debt, etc. This data is retrieved and delivered back to the client, which in turn can be converted into a single and dynamic credit scoring.

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Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority

Licensed Payment Institution

Neonomics is regulated by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority as an authorized Payment Institution with an extended capacity to provide PIS (Payment Initiation Service) and AIS (Account Information Services).